Empowering Engines with Spring Starters

In the heart of mechanical innovation lies a game-changer—the crank lever spring starter. Let’s embark on a journey to demystify these self-contained units, designed to replace electric, pneumatic, or hydraulic starting systems on direct injection engines.

Defining the Spring Starter and its Function:

A spring starter, also called mechanical starter, is a mechanical device designed to initiate the ignition process of an engine. Instead of relying on conventional electric or hydraulic methods, these starters harness the power of a coiled spring and a cranking lever. When engaged, the energy stored in the spring is released, setting the engine into motion.

The applications of crank lever spring starters are as diverse as the engines they ignite. From emergency generators and pumps to compressors, welding machines, farm equipment, and beyond, these starters offer a cost-effective and reliable solution for a myriad of direct injection engines. Their adaptability extends to diverse settings, including road rollers, concrete cutters, workboats, lifeboats, concrete mixers, vibrators, underground locomotives, and even military equipment.

Currently, our range covers engines ranging from a modest 0.5 liters with the SPRS-01 starters to an impressive 18 liters with the SPRS-06 starters. The starters are designed with versatility in mind, offering a flange range that covers all SAE mounting flange configurations. Common module and fellow stub pinions are utilized, ensuring compatibility across a wide spectrum of engines.

The starters boast remarkable precision in their design, featuring winding handle positions with 42 possible settings at 8.5-degree increments. This ensures fine-tuned control during operation. The winding process itself requires 2 turns to engage the drive pinion to the flywheel, with an additional 8 to 16 turns (depending on the model) to fully wind. The average time to wind and trip is a swift 15 seconds.

We prioritize performance and durability, with starters ranging in weight from 13.5 kg (SPRS-01) to 26 kg (SPRS-06). The starters are available in clock and anti-clockwise ranges to accommodate different engine configurations. With output max force specifications provided for each model, users can select the starter that aligns with their specific engine requirements. Check out our product full product range below.

Our starters are not only flame-proof and waterproof but also entirely non-electric. This makes them indispensable in hazardous areas such as coal mines and oil rigs, where the slightest spark could lead to catastrophic consequences. The fail-safe, maintenance-free nature of these starters positions them as the go-to solution in remote or harsh terrains, serving as either the primary or emergency starting device.

Our starters are compatible with a vast array of engines, including but not limited to Alsthom Diesel, Baudouin, Caterpillar, Cummins, Deutz, Ford, John Deere, Mercedes Benz, Perkins, Volvo, Yanmar, and many others. For further information on compatibility and specifications, our team is readily available to assist.

final word

In conclusion, crank lever spring starters represent a pinnacle in engine ignition technology, combining precision engineering with adaptability and safety. As our team continuously refines and expands our product range, these starters stand as a testament to our commitment to providing reliable, cost-effective solutions for engine starting, setting the stage for seamless operations across various industries.

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