Are you in search of reliable and high-quality solenoid valves for controlling the flow of liquids and gases? As official suppliers of PeterPaul in The Netherlands, Germany and Denmark, we stock a  comprehensive range of PeterPaul solenoid valves designed to meet diverse industrial needs in the medical, oil & gas and marine industries. With a commitment to quality and innovation, PeterPaul has become a trusted name in the field of solenoid valve technology.

We offer original, high-quality solenoid valves with a wide range of sizes and control options for both industrial and medical needs.

One notable application of PeterPaul solenoid valves in the medical field is their

compatibility with sterilization machines. Hospitals utilize these valves in critical processes, such as in the Steri-vac XL machine, a sterilization system designed to maintain aseptic conditions and allows you to sterilize heat and moisture sensitive equipment cost effectively, efficiently, and safely. PeterPaul Solenoid Valve 52X04160GM (24V – 7W), in particular, stands out as an original solution, ensuring precise control over the flow of liquids and gases in these medical devices.

In the medical sector, precision and reliability are paramount. PeterPaul offers a cost-effective alternative to 3M products , making PeterPaul solenoid valves an attractive choice for various medical applications.

Recognizing the need for regular maintenance as well as the importance of sterilization and replacement after each use in medical equipment, we not only provide complete solenoid valves but also offer internal parts separately. At SESCO, we are supplying hospitals with essential replacement parts, ensuring uninterrupted functionality machines used for blood transfusions and other medical devices. One such example is the K53Z00670KM, used on the 53Z00670KM valve.

One significant advantage of choosing SESCO for your solenoid valves is our turnaround time. In comparison to the longer lead times from other manufacturers, we stock a big range of our fastmovers, and can offer our other PeterPaul products within 1-2 weeks to ensure a faster and more efficient supply chain. This feature is crucial for hospitals and medical facilities that require timely replacements and maintenance to minimize downtime.

For those exploring the possibilities of integrating PeterPaul solenoid valves into their medical applications, feel free to reach out to us for expert guidance, specifications, and to request a quote tailored to your company’s specific needs. Our Sesco team is committed to quality and innovation, and is ready to be your reliable partner in advancing medical technology.

Find our PeterPaul solenoid valves here.

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