Vent Stack Flame Arrester Series 8800 and 9900

Technical Data

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Vent Stack Flame Arresters are designed to allow free venting in combination with flame protection for vertical vent applications. They prevent flame propagation by absorbing and dissipating heat using spiral wound crimped ribbon flame cells. These cells allow maximum flow with maximum protection. The Vent Stack Flame Arrester is used to stop the propagation of confined and unconfined low pressure deflagrations. It prevents an ignited atmospheric vapor cloud from propagating beyond the Flame Arrester into the vent line or tank.

This type product is installed at the top of an atmospheric vent line or storage tank. They are typically used for the end-of-line applications when the system operating pressure is near atmospheric levels and when there is minimal probability of a flame stabilizing on the Flame Arrester element for an extended period.

Vent Stack Flame Arresters allow free venting and flame protection for vertical vent applications.
Designed with threaded NPT connections, this
Arrester allows removal of the flame cell element without
the removal of the venting assembly.
Standard housing construction is aluminum, carbon steel, and stainless steel. The element is available in aluminum or stainless steel.

Features & Benefits

Large crimp opening provide:
• Maximum flow
• Lass pressure Drop
• Easy Cleaning
• Lass Clogging
• Lass Maintenance
• Single Element Design.
• Readily accessible and removable flame cell for easy inspection and service.
• Flanged design available in ANSI, DIN and JIS flanges.

Series 8800 Aluminum Model Connection Sizes

In. (mm)
88022 (50)
88033 (75)
88044 (100)
88066 (150)


Series 9900 Aluminum Model Connection Sizes

In. (mm)
99022 (50)
99033 (75)
99044 (100)
99066 (150)