Starter 12V, 11T, 42MT DS-182

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Starter, replaces Delco Remy, 12V, 11T, CW, DD, Delco 42MT, 7.3kW. Complete with a solenoid control relay. Insulated ground. Oil sealed.

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Parts for DS-182:

  • Armature: D-0130
  • Field coil: D-0224
  • Solenoid: D-0319 or Solid Link type D-0319SSL
  • Solenoid Control Relay: D-0399
  • Plunjer: D-0364
  • Drive: 480321
  • Brush holder: D-0608
  • Brushes: D-0721 (4 pcs per starter)
  • Bushings: D-0804, D-0808 and D-0818
  • Repair kit: D-0962
  • Housing: D-0966

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