Air Starters Series ST2000

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The ST2000 Air Starter is a remarkable advancement in air starters, which is both lightweight and highly capable. It is equipped with an inline turbine design that promotes efficient air consumption and facilitates unparalleled productivity for engines ranging from 15 to 150 liters.

Despite its compact 40-pound package, it delivers a powerful 70 horsepower. Additionally, the ST2000 is designed to provide greater protection for the engine and starter components, resulting in increased uptime. Its built-in slip clutch also reduces “shock loading” during starting, resulting in an extended product life.

The single-stage solid billet aluminum turbine motor can handle the toughest conditions and continue to function reliably.

Installation is made simpler, quicker, and more stress-free by the self-applying extended pilot flange, emphasizing ease-of-mounting. All of these features combine to make the ST2000 the smarter choice for a starter.

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The ST2000 Air Starter is designed with durability in mind. Its small tank design limits motor damage and reduces downtime, promising more starts. The smart clutch design enables maximum torque transition, resulting in better balance of power while minimizing the risk of component damage. Furthermore, the robust, solid aluminum turbine motor makes it one of the most durable starters available in the market.

Ergonomics is another key feature of the ST2000. With a 40-pound self-applying build and a hanging pilot design, it can achieve true one-man operation. Its lightweight design makes it easy to install, and the convenient extended pilot ensures strain-free starting with just one technician.

The ST2000 Air Starter also emphasizes efficiency, maximizing uptime through better air consumption, an overrunning clutch that prevents breaking/disengaging, and protected engine mechanics. Its single turbine design delivers more starts and is more efficient than dual-turbine designs, using less air while still being able to start engines up to 150 liters.


•Maximum HP 70 HP (52 kW)
•Maximum Breakaway Torque 347 ft-Lb (469 Nm)
•Maximum Flow 1290 SCFM (609 L/s)
•Maximum Operating Pressure 150 PSIG (10.3 barg)
•Minimum Operating Pressure 30 PSIG (2.1 barg)
•Speed Range 0-4000 RPM
•Pinion Rotation Right or Left Hand
•Sealed for use in Gas and Air applications Yes
•Engagement type Pre-engaged
•Flange type SAE 3


•Maximum Ambient Temperature 200 F (93 C)
•Minimum Ambient Temperature -40 F (-40 C)


•Planetary Gear Oil Automatic transmission fluid
•Amount of Gear Oil 5 oz. (150 mL)


•Location Southern Pines, NC USA
•Quality ISO 9001:2015


•Air Inlet 1 ½” NPT/SAE J518 Code 61 Flange
•Air Outlet 3” NPT
•Engagement Inlet ¼” NPT
•Engagement Outlet ¼” NPT


•Length/Width/Height 18.7” x 6.25” x 6.25” (476 mm x 160 mm x 160 mm)
•Weight (radial exhaust) 40 Lbs (18 kg)
•Weight (piped exhaust) 44 Lbs (20 kg)


•Inlet Cover: Aluminum Alloy
•Motor Housing: Aluminum Alloy
•Gear Case: Aluminum Alloy
•Planetary Gears: Alloy Steel
•Drive Housing: Aluminum Alloy
•Turbine Rotor: Aluminum Alloy
•Turbine Nozzle: Aluminum Alloy


•Solenoid Valve: 150BMP-1051B 12 Volt, 150BMP-2451B 24 Volt
•Push Button: SMB-618
•Relay Valve: SRV150 1 ½” NPT

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