Sesco Spring Starter Original OEM SPRS-02

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Max. force 64 NM (Max. winding handle torque)

  • Energie (at pinion) 115 NM
  • Mechanical starter (spring starter)suitable for Diesel engines from 1.1 Litre to 6.6
  • Rotation: Model SDC Clockwise, Model SDA Anti-clockwise
  • Mounting: Flange mounted SAE1;SAE2;SAE3;SAE4
  • Engine Capacity: 1.1 L/cycle, 6 cylinders maximum
  • Pinion type: 11 to 13 teeth 10/12 F/stub, 11 to 13 teeth 8/10 F/stub, 9 to 13 teeth Mod 3, 10 to 13 teeth Mod 2.5
  • Mechanical starter (spring starter) for diesel engines up to 6.6L.
  • Rotation: Model SDC Clockwise, Model SDA Anti-clockwise
  • Mounting: Flange mounted SAE1;SAE2;SAE3;SAE4
  • Engine Capacity: 1.1 L/cycle, 6 cylinders maximum
  • Pinion type: 11 to 13 teeth 10/12 F/stub, 11 to 13 teeth 8/10 F/stub, 9 to 13 teeth Mod 3, 10 to 13 teeth Mod 2.5
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SPRS-02 Specification

Pinion to Flange Face: 20mm, 28mm, 47mm and other variations

Maximum Torque at Pinion: 115Nm(

Maximum Winding Handle Torque: 64Nm(

Winding Handle Position: Variable in 8.5° increments

Number of Turns to Fully Wind: 2 turns to engage, further 10 turns to fully charge

Cold Start: Starting aid below 5°

Finish: Standard marine finish. Zinc-plated body and housing. Powder coated paint all over to withstand marine environment. Electroless nickel plated shaft and pinion.

SPRS-02 is suitable for Diesel engines from 1.1 Litre to 6.6 Litre and is available as a clockwise and anti-clockwise model.

Sesco is proud to say the SPRS-02 is the first mechanical starter to have a two piece Mounting Bracket which means this starter is easy to convert to another model just by replacing part of the mounting bracket (mounting flange), making SPRS-02 an efficient and economical starter. In addition, the use of radial securing screws ensures the starter is more compact and installation onto an engine is easier in comparison to other mechanical starters of a similar type in the market.

SPRS-02 is a popular starter and used in many applications including Caterpillar, Cummins, Detroit, Man, Perkins, Scania and Volvo. Full list of engine application can be found in Additional Information section right next to the Description tab.

Additional information

Weight17.5 kg

Berman: SPRS-02 Engine Applications: ALSTOM DIESEL: 272A, 372A, 472A, 672A BAUDOUIN: DF4, DF6 BEDFORD / GM: 330, 466 BMW: D35 – 1 & 2, D50 – 1 & 2 BUKH: DV24ME, DV28ME, DV29ME & 29RME, DV36ME, DV48ME CATERPILLAR: 3054, 3056, 3114, 3116, 3304, 3306, 3406, C4.4, C6.6 CUMMINS: 4B , 4BT, 4B BT, 6B, 6CT, B3.3, LTA10G2, N14G1, NTA855 DETROIT DIESEL: Series 40, Series 53, Series 71, 12V92 DEUTZ: BF6L413, BF4M1011F, BF4M1012EC, BF6M1012EC, BF4M1013EC, BF6M1013EC, BF6M1013ECP, BF6M1015, BF6M1015C, BF513, F2L1011F, F3L1011F, F4L1011F, F2L2011F, F3L2011F, F4L2011F, F1L511, F2L511, F3L911, F4L911, F5L911, F6L911, F2L912, F3L912, F4L912, F5L912, F6L912, F4L913, F6L913, F3L914, F1L210D, F1L410D, F2L410D, F2L/BF2L/F2M 1022, F3L/BF3L/F3M 1011, F4L/BF4L/F4M 1011, F2M1011F, F3M1011F, F4M1011F, F4M1011M, TBD234 DOOSAN: AD086Ti, AD126Ti, AD136Ti DORMAN: 4DA, 6DA FARYMANN: P10, P30, S10, S30 FIAT / IVECO: 841 I/C, 8045I, 8061I, 8061, SI, M, SMC, SC, 7675 SI FORD: 590E, 592E, 2700E, 2701E, 2703E, 2704E, 2711E, 2712E, 2713E, 2714E, 2715E, 2722E, 2723E, 2725E, 2726E, 2728E, 2704ET, FSD425 GENERAL MOTORS / BEDFORD: 300D, 330D JOHN DEERE: 4.219, 4.276, 4.239, 4.329, 6.359, 6.414, 6.466 KIRLOSKAR: RA2, RV2, RA3, RV3, RA4, RV4, RA6, RV6, RBV2, RBV3, RBV4, RBV6 KUBOTA: D1703-EBB-SAE2, V1903-EBB-SAE2, V2203-EBB-SAE2, D1703-EBB-SC-STD3, V1903-EBB-SC-STD3, V2203-EBB-SC-STD3, D1703-EBG-SAE2, V1903-EBG-SAE2, V2203-EBG-SAE2 LEYLAND: UE370, UE400, UE401 LIEBHERR: D924T LISTER PETTER: SR1 (anti-clock), SR2 (anti-clock), SR3 (anti-clock), ST1 (anti-clock), ST2 (anti-clock), ST3 (anti-clock), SR1 (clock), ST1 (clock), CD4, CDT4, CD6, CDT6, CDW2, CS4, CS6, CST6, HL4, HL6, HR2 / HRW2, HR3 / HRW3, HR4 / HRW4, HR6 / HRW6 / HRS6 / HRWS6, LPA3 / LPA4, LPW2, LPW3, LPW4, LSAAB965029, SR2, SR3, ST2, ST3, TL2, TL3, TR1, TR2, TR3, TS1, TS2, TS3, TX2, TX3 LOMBARDINI: LDA833, LDA834, 5LD, 9LD, 12LD MAN: D0226ME, D0226MTE, D0824LE, D0826, D0836, D2565, D2566ME, D2866, 2866E MERCEDES BENZ: OM314, OM352 / 352A, OM366 / OM366A MERMAID: Melody, Melody II, Turbo Four, Turbo Four II, Turbo Plus, Mariner, Majestic, Mistral MITSUBISHI: S6K, S6K-T, 6D22, 6D22T, 6D22TC MITSUI-DEUTZ: BF6L913C MTU: 6R099 TE31 MWM: D208-2, D208-3, D208-4, D208-6, D225-2, D225-3, D226-2, D226-3, D302-2, D308-2, D308-3, D308-4, D308-6, D325-2, D325-3, D327-2, D327-3, D914-4, D916-2, D916-3, D916-4, D916-6, D917-2, D917-3, D917-6, MKD112-2, TD208-4, TD208-6 PERKINS: 3-152, 4-203, 4-212, 4-236, 4-248, 6-354, 1004-4, 1004-4T, 1006-6, 1006-6T, 2006TAG2, 2006TG1A, 2006TG2A, 2006TTAG, 2006TWAG, 2006TWG2, P4, P6, T6.354 PETTER: AV2, AVA2, BA2, PH1, PH2, PJ4, P600/2, P600/3 ROVER: 2.25D RUGGERINI: CRD100, P101, P102, RD100P, RD102P, RD951P, RD952P RUSTON-HORNSBY: 2YDA, 2YDA MK2, 3YDA, 3YDA MK2, 4YDA, 4YDA MK 1&2, 6YDA, 6YDA MK2, YDX, YDAX SAME: 982L, 984L, 983L, 1052L, 1053L, 1054L, 1055L, 1056L SCANIA: DSD9, DS8 OR DM8, DS11, DS14, DS16 THORNYCROFT: FSD425, 4-203 VALMET/SISU: 4.11C,4.11CS, 230, 420, 620 VM: 294A, 295, 298, 394A, 1052, 1053, 1054 VOLVO: D50, TD OR TMD 41, TD OR TAMD 71, TD OR TMD 61, TAMD 121D YANMAR