SESCO Air / Gas Starter AM10

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The AM10 starters supply enough power to crank diesel and natural gas engines up to 1800 cubic inches.
Lighter, more powerful, and more cost effective than the competition, the AM10 starters and replacement parts offer the best solution for your starting needs.

Engine applications include:

  • Detroit®
  • Caterpillar®
  • Waukesha®
  • EMD®
  • Cummins®
  • Fairbanks®
  • International®
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CATERPILLAR Carbureted engines;
G-333 Series A,B, & C, G-343, G-342, G-353, G-379; CATERPILLAR Diesel engines 1670 Truck Engines, D330IE, D330 SERIES C, 3304IE, 3304, 1140 For Ford V-150, 1145 For Ford V-175, 3145 Industrial, D318 & D318G, D333 SERIES A & B Industrial, 1673 Truck Engines SERIES A & B, 1150 Truck Engines Ford V-200, 3150 Industrial, 1160 Truck Engine Ford V-225, 3208IE, 3208M, D333, 1673 Truck Engine SERIES C, 1674 Truck Engine, D3306M, D3306, 1676 Truck, D336, D343 SERIES A, 3406, 3406M, 3408, D346, 773, D342, D13000, D353, 3412M, D364, D375, D348;
CUMMINS ENGINES V555 Ser. 8 cyl,V6-200 6 cyl, L10 6 cyl, NH-180 6 cyl, NE-6 cyl, NH-195B 6 cyl, H-600 6 cyl,HR-600 Ser. 6 cyl, NH 220 6 cyl, NHE-195 6 cyl, NHS-6-1F 6 cyl, NRTO-6-1F 6 cyl, V8-625 8V cyl, V8-300 8V cyl, V8E-235 8V cyl, NH-230 Ser. 6 cyl, NH-250 6 cyl, NHG-240 6 cyl, N855 6 cyl, NHRS-R320 6 cyl, NT Ser. 6 cyl, PT-270 Ser.6 cyl, V-903 Ser. 8 cyl, N-927 6 cyl, Super 250 6 cyl, KT-1150 6 cyl, KT19 6 cyl, NVH-1200 12 cyl, VT-1200 12 cyl, NH-12 12 cyl, V12 Ser.;
DEUTZ ENGINES F10L-413 10-CYL, BFL12-413 12-CYL;
GM DETROIT DIESEL ENGINES 6V-53, 671 Twin or Quad, 671, 6V71, 6V71T, 6V92TA, 6-110, 8V71T, 8V71TA, 8V92TA, 12V71, 16V71, 16V92;
HERCULES Carbureted Engines D4800, TCD, 6G825;
ONAN GENERATOR SETS – Onan Generator Set 95.0WA 95.0KW WAUKESHA F817-G ENGINE, Onan Generator Set 140.0WB 140.0KW WAUKESHA F1197-G ENGINE, Onan Generator Set 50.0DYA 50.0KW ALLIS CHALMERS 2900TC ENGINE, Onan Generator Set 62.5KYC 62.5KW ALLIS CHALMERS 3500TC ENGINE, Onan Generator Set 75.0DYD 75.0KW ALLIS CHALMERS 3500TC ENGINE, Onan Generator Set 80.0DYD 80.0KW ALLIS CHALMERS 11000TC ENGINE, Onan Generator Set 100.0DYD 100.0KW ALLIS CHALMERS 11000TC ENGINE, Onan Generator Set 130.0DFE 130.0KW CUMMINS NT-855GTC ENGINE, Onan Generator Set 150.0DFE 150.0KW CUMMINS NT-855GTC ENGINE, Onan Generator Set 165.0DFP 165.0KW CUMMINS NT-855GTC ENGINE, Onan Generator Set 190.0DFP 190.0KW CUMMINS NT-855GTC ENGINE, Onan Generator Set 210.0DFM 210.0KW CUMMINS NTA-855GTC ENGINE, Onan Generator Set 250.0DFS 250.0KW CUMMINS KT-1150GTC ENGINE, Onan Generator Set 290.0DFN 290.0KW CUMMINS KTA-1150GTC ENGINE, Onan Generator Set 330.0DFV 330.0KW CUMMINS VT-1710TC ENGINE, Onan Generator Set 400.0DFW 400.0KW CUMMINS VTA-1710P-800TC ENGINE, Onan Generator Set 500.0DFX 500.0KW CUMMINS KTA-2300GTC ENGINE, Onan Generator Set 625.0DFZ 625.0KW CUMMINS KTA-2300GTC ENGINE;
WAUKESHA Carbureted Engines 145GZB, F817G, 6WAK, 6WAKB, F1197, 6NK, F1905, 6LRORB, F2895 ; WAUKESHA DIESEL ENGINES 148DKBU, H1077D, 6WAKD, F1197D