Series S Deflagration Flame Arrester

Series 8 High pressure Deflagration Flame Arrester is designed to protect against high velocity and pressure flame fronts inherent in applications beyond the performance range of a standard flame arrester but not yet to the detonation phase of flame development and provide an economical alternative to a detonation arrester.

Technical Data

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The Series 8 is designed to surpass standard flame arresters for applications that include extended lengths of pipe with one bend, elevated operating pressures and extended flame stabilization on the flame cell element The arresters are bidirectional and can stop low, medium and high pressure deflagrations. Utilized with a patented element assembly that dampens the high velocities and pressures associated with deflagrations and detonations while quenching the flame front.

Our design is unique in the ability to provide larger flame channels which requires less frequent maintenance and greater ease in cleaning when service is required, translating to less down time. Our patented element offers maximum flow to pressure drop characteristics enhancing the value of our product in any system.

Designed with flanged connections, this Arrester provides the option of the removal of the flame cell element for easy cleaning and replacement without disconnecting of the pipe connection. Standard housing construction is carbon steel and stainless steel. The element is available in stainless steel.
Special material and protective coatings are available
on request.

Features & Benefits

Large crimp opening provide:
• Maximum flaw
• Less pressure Drop
• Easy Cleaning
• Less Clogging
• Less Maintenance

• Bi-Directional Design.
• Removable Element design allows for easy inspection, cleaning and replacement.
• Ruorapolymer coated hardware provides outstanding corrosion and chemical resistance.
• Standard temperature parts.
• Available in ANSI, DIN and JIS flanges.

Flame Arrester Specifications

Model numbers: Series 8 High Pressure Deflagration Flame Arrester – 80802, 80803, 80804, 81206, 81608, 82010, 82412

Sizes Available: 1″ through 24″

For detailed information on construction, models, sizes, and dimensions check the technical in the description above.