Pressure Relief/Flame Trap Assembly

Technical Data

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The 97161 Pressure Relief and Flame Trap Assembly combines a back pressure regulator, a thermal operated valve and a horizontal flame arrester to maintain upstream pressure and effectively inhibit flame propagation in low pressure gas lines.

The back pressure regulator maintains a preset upstream pressure, the flame arrester effectively quenches internal flames, and the fusible element positively shuts off flow in emergency flame conditions.
Standard materials of construction include an Aluminum Body and BUNA-N diaphragm. The large diameter diaphragm reduces line bounce for smoother gas flow. The 97161 has simple spring loaded settings for easy field adjustment. The components are easy to access providing for simplified cleaning and maintenance. It’s aluminum and stainless steel components withstand severe process environments. The 97161 is especially designed for hydrogen sulfide and hot, wet methane which are the main components of digester gas streams in for example, municipal waste water treatment facilities.


Features & Benefits

• Internal Sense Tap (External Sense Tap Optional)
• Positive Emergency Shutoff
• Anaerobic digester gas train
• Fermentation off gas piping systems
• Low pressure vent lines

• Maintain Upstream Pressure
• 125°C Fusible Link
• Sizes 2” Through 12”
• Solenoid shutoff option for flare systems


Pressure Relief/Flame Trap Assembly Setting Range

  • Model numbers: Model 97161
  • Line Size: 2”, 3”, 4”, 6”, 8”, 10” and 12”
  • Connections: ANSI FF, ANSI RF, DIN 2633 FF, DIN 2633 RF
  • Air Flow Capacity: 31 to 7000 m3/h