Pipe-Insert Immersion heaters

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Technical Data

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For heating asphalt, molasses, tar, paint, glue or any viscous fluids. When heating corrosive liquids the pipe enclosing the heater must be resistant to corrosion. Tank fabricator to supply and install pipes. Heater can be removed without draining the liquid.
Heat is transferred safely from the heating element to the inner wall of the pipe by a combination of convection and radiation. Note that filling the pipe with a heat transfer fluid is neither required nor recommended.


Standard heaters have heavy duty alloy sheathed element(s) fitted to either a 3″ 150 Ib. steel flange or a 2″NPT screwplug. The terminal box is moisture resistant for outdoor applications. One 1″ NPT conduit fitting is provided on units without thermocouple, and an additional 1/2″ NPT conduit fitting is provided on units with built-in thermocouples.
Heaters with Type K thermocouples (one per tank) are used for detecting low liquid levels. If the level drops below the uppermost heater, the temperature inside the heaterpipe will rise. The thermocouple will detect this temperature rise, and, when this signal is fed through an electronic temperature limit control, it will automatically trip the system off. We can provide a packaged control panel or ship the control components individually.


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