Murphy Level Switch LR857

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Automatically Maintains Lube Level.

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Introducing the FW Murphy LR857 Lube Level Regulator — your engine, pump, or compressor’s oil level guardian. Designed for small- to medium-volume applications, this regulator maintains the correct oil level by replenishing as needed. Equipped with an integral low-level switch, it alarms or shuts down equipment in case of oil supply loss.

As the crankcase oil level decreases, the LR857 float opens the unique and non-clogging Thumb-Valve™, facilitating oil flow from the supply tank to the crankcase. Once the optimal level is reached, the LR857 float triggers the Thumb-Valve™ to close, preventing further oil flow and ensuring a leak-free seal.

Key Features:

  • Integral low-level switch for equipment protection
  • Recommended for small- to medium-volume applications
  • Three-wire, snap-action switch for versatile installations
  • Simple and effective Thumb-Valve™ design
  • Significant flow rate for efficient crankcase refill through the LR857

Trust the LR857 to maintain your equipment’s oil level seamlessly and reliably.

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