Murphy Level Switch L129

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Murphy L129CK1 Level Switch

  • The L129 Series Lube Level Swichgage® instrument is a combination lube level indicating gage and adjustable low and high limit switches. It provides protection against low oil level or high level caused by overfill or fuel or water seepage into the crankcase.
  • The L129CK1 was designed for applications requiring a three-wire, above ground electrical circuit. It features ungrounded contacts and a conduit hub to protect electrical wiring. Options are available for both models.
  • Check Lube Level Without Shutting Down.
  • Use On Engines, Pumps, And Compressors.
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Introducing the L129 model, crafted for grounded, low-voltage electrical systems with a one-wire-to-ground circuit. Ensure your engines and pumps stay protected with the L129 Series Lube Level Swichgage®. Designed for larger crankcase capacities, it prevents damage by monitoring and maintaining proper lubrication levels when installed and maintained correctly. Trust the L129 for reliable engine and pump care.

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