In-Line Vent Valve Model 800

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Technical Data

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Series 800 In-Line Vent Valves are designed to prevent the escape of light ends of crude by maintaining pressure in the storage tank. The in-line vent valve is installed directly into the vent line exhaust. The 800-PSO has both pressure and vacuum relief capability whereas the 800-PSO has only pressure relief capacity.

The pressure vacuum vent valve opens when the system pressure or vacuum exceeds the set pressure of the valve. When over pressure occurs the weighted pallet lifts, breaking the seal between the seat and pallet, allowing vapors to pass through the valve orifice and relieving the pressure or vacuum buildup. The valve closes once the tank pressure goes below the setting point.


Features & Benefits

• All internal working parts are made from a “PPS” (Polyphenylene Sulfide) plastic material fur superior corrosion resistance which resists freezing and sticking with operating ranges from -45° C to
260° C
• Multiple setting options by adding additional pressure weights

• Viton gaskets for “Sour Gas” and corrosive service applications
• Non-Corrosive coating option for extremely harsh environments
• Certified flow capacities in accordance with API


Vent Setting Range

  • Model number: Model 820 – 830 – 840
  • Sizes Available: 2″(50mm), 3″(80mm), 4″(100mm).
  • Pressure: 4.3 to 69.0 mbar
  • Vacuum: 1.7 mbar


Model 800 In-Line Vent Valve Parts

model 800 inline vent valve parts

Ref. No.Part Description2 inch3 inch4 inch
1Valve BodyA2VS01A3VS01A4VS01
3Cap Gasket2V3G3V3G4V3G
7Eyebolt Pin5-C5-C5-C
8Cap Hinge Pin5-N5-B5-B
9Hinge Pin ClipHPC-148HPC-148HPC-148
12Pressure Disc2P4P3P4P4P4P
13Pressure Gasket2P4G3P4G4P4G
14Vacuum Disc2V4P3V4P4V4P
15Vacuum Gasket2V4G3V4G4V4G
16Pressure Seat2P4P-33P4P-34P4P-3
17Vacuum Seat2V4P-33V4P-34V4P-3
18Slip-On FlangeO-2O-3O-4
19Flange GasketS-2-GS-3-GS-4-G
20Bolt & Nut1/2x13x2-1/21/2x13x31/2x13x3
21Pressure Weight2-PW-1/22-PW-13-PW-1