REDT-1000 REDTAIL Gauge Head – Dry Seal – 48 FT max 331787

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This is a standard component of the Model 1000 Redtail Tank Level Indication System.

  • Features
    • Dry-Seal, Zero Emission Design
    • Minimal maintenance required
    • Large-diameter Cable Reels for low-friction operation
    • Compatible with Model 2000 Goshawk Level Transmitter
    • Freeze-resistant
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  • The gauge head is split into two separate compartments: the sealed side and the open side.
  • The sealed side is exposed to the tank; the open side exposed to atmosphere.
  • Sealed side features integral sloped channel, allowing condensation to drain freely back into the tank.
  • Compartments are only mechanically connected by the bearing-supported axle, and sealed by the unique Dual Dry Seal.


Dual Dry Seal
  • Dual dynamic FKM (Viton) seals the compartment from each other and prevents emission from the tank escaping from the gauge head.
  • Dry-Seal technology requires no addition of grease or other sealing agents for long-term reliable operation.


Large Diameter, Indexed Cable Reels
  • Cable is wound on two reels, one in each compartment.
  • Large Diameter Reels provide require minimal actuation forces.
  • Reels are connected mechanically via a keyed common axel.
  • Reels provide accurate cable indexing with none of the slip associated with pulley systems.
  • Indexed reels allow the use of the bolt-on Goshawk Level Transmitter.


Operating Specifications

Measuring PrincipleMechanical (Float)
Maximum Range14.6 m [48 ft] (Standard)
20 m [66 ft] (Non-stock)
Local DisplayTank Mounted Gauge Board +
Process Connection2 FNPT
Operating Temperature– 40 °C to 60°C (w/ LLDPE Float)
Operating Pressure0.15 bar [ 2 psi]
With Optional Goshawk Level Transmitter
Maximum Range7.3 m [24 ft] (Goshawk I)
11.9 m [39 ft] (Goshawk II)
20 m [66 ft] (Goshawk III)
Power Supply13 – 24 VDC
Output4 – 20 mA
HazLocCSA Cl. I Div. 1 Gr. C&D

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