Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Manhole Cover Model 94063

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The FRP 94063 Series Manhole Cover are designed to provide emergency venting relief of low-pressure storage tanks and vessels. These covers also provide quick, easy access for tank inspection and maintenance. When the tank is exposed to abnormal internal pressure beyond the capability of the breather vent, the manhole protects the tank against costly rupture.

Technical Data

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The FRP 94065 Series Manhole Cover provides an effective vapor-tight seal until pressure relief is required to protect the tank. Under emergency fire conditions, the cover opens fully to allow escape of vapors and prevents damage to the tank. Flange, Seat, and Pallets of Derakane 470 Vinyl Ester Resin. 316 SS Studs and TeflonAir ® Cushioned Pallet Seating
Other resins and hardware are available to meet exact corrosion requirements including 411 Derakane, Furan,
and Hastelloy.
Unit’s rugged and lightweight design provides for easy, convenient handling for installation, inspection and maintenance. The pressure cover is normally
restrained to allow automatic reseating. Disconnection of the retaining cord allows the pressure vent cover to be completely removed, thereby allowing access into the tank through the fulldiameter seat opening. Facilitates tank inspection and repair procedures. Factory tested prior to shipment to meet high standards. Standard pressure setting of 3.2 mbar on all models. Higher settings are also available.

Features & Benefits
• 16″, 20″, 24″ Sizes
• Acids & Caustic Services
• Fiberglass Construction
• API 650, ANSI 150 or DIN Flange Drilling
• Easy Maintenance
• Fast Inspection
• Maintains accurate pressure setting
• Leakage Rate of < 100 m3/h at 90% of Set Point
• 470 Derakane Std., 411 Derakane and Furan Available

Fiberglass Reinforced Plastic Manhole Cover Setting Range

  • Model numbers: Model 946063
  • Sizes available: 16”, 20”, and 24”
  • Connections: API 650, ANSI 150, DIN
  • Pressure: 3.2 mbar and higher