Emergency Vent Model 244

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Technical Data

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Model 244 Emergency vent (pressure relief only) is used on above ground storage tanks, to help prevent the tank from becoming overpressurized and possibly rupturing if ever exposed to fire.

Vent must be used in conjunction with a “normal vent.” Correct application of this vent requires proper vent size and selection for the tank system in order to meet the specific venting capacity.


Emergency Vent Setting Range

  • Model number: Model 244
  • Sizes Available: 2″(50mm), 3″(80mm), 4″(100mm), 6″(150mm), 8″(200mm), 10″(250mm)
  • Connections: F-NPT, M-NPT and Flanged
  • Pressure: 11.0 to 69.0 mbar
  • Flow Capacity: 600 to 22.000 m3/h


Model Specifications

ModelSizeConn.SettingCoverBodyDiameterHeightWeightVenting Cap.
244-2-2352302NPT35 mbarBassBrass76 mm36 mm0,5 Kg600 m3/h
244-3-2351203NPT35 mbarIronAlu120 mm94 mm2,7 Kg1720 m3/h
244-4-2351204NPT35 mbarIronAlu147 mm170 mm5,2 Kg3400 m3/h
244-6-3351206Flange35 mbarIronAlu280 mm100 mm8,9 Kg8510 m3/h
244-8-3351208Flange35 mbarIronAlu257 mm114 mm19,0 Kg14540 m3/h
244-1033512010Flange35 mbarIronAlu407 mm140 mm32,2 Kg22.000 m3/h

* This table shows standard models only, for specific settings, capacities and/or materials etc. use the Model Numbering as shown below.