Emergency Shutoff Valve Model 636

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Technical Data

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Required on underground tank motor fueling systems, the Emergency Shut-off Valve, or “Impact Valve”, is installed on the fuel line directly under the dispenser.

It is intended to shut off the flow of product in the event of an impact and/or fire involving the dispenser. In normal operation, the valve is left open, held in position by a fusible link.

A shear section is located in the upper half of the valve and should be installed level with the base of the dispenser. In an emergency, the handle releases and the spring-loaded poppet assembly will swing to the
closed position.



• Body: Cast iron-epoxy coated
• Shear: Cast iron-epoxy coated
• Disc: Viton
• O-rings: Viton
• Shaft: Stainless steel
• Handle: Aluminum
• Bolts: Zinc-plated steel
• Pipe Plug: Zinc-plated steel
• Fusible Link: 75°C