Emergency Pressure Vent & Manhole Cover Model 94520

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Model 94520 Emergency Vent provides emergency venting and manhole requirements, where intermediate pressure relief beyond that provided by tank breather vents is required. This vent is not intended to meet requirements of explosion relief, but is designed to relieve excessive internal pressure. It is an economical solution to costly and dangerous tank roof rupture problems.

Technical Data

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Model 94520 is available in 10″, 16″, and 20″ sizes and is designed to utilize a patented, magnetic latch system, which provides greater flow capacities than conventional weight loaded vents. It also provides for 100% opening at set pressure with no overpressure required. The magnetic latching principle eliminates hundred of pounds of loading weights required by conventionally loaded vents. The vent is tightly latched utilizing permanent magnets, which are mounted to the vent cover and act on a magnetic stainless steelplate on the vent base. As the pressure increases, the magnetic attraction between the base and cover remains constant, until the set pressure is reached. The setting is determined by the size and strength of the magnets.

Features & Benefits

  • Magnetic latching eliminates expensive loading weights
  • Instantaneous opening at set pressure, no over pressure required
  • Unique diaphram construction ensures tight seal between pallet ad  seat
  • 20” opening provides for clear passage when used as a manhole