Dead Weight Hatches Type 200

The Model 200 is a  dead weight pressure vacuum relief gauge and thief hatch with (8″x22″) oblong API base.

For more details, check the technical sheet attached here.

Technical Data

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When excessive pressure builds within the storage tank the vent’s hinged cover begins to open at the predetermined set pressure, relieving excess pressure.

When the over pressure has dissipated the cover reseats onto the base. The hinge mechanism prevents misalignment and provides an accurate reseat.

When excessive vacuum builds within the storage tank the spring loaded pallet lifts, breaking the seal between the seat and pallet, allowing vapors to pass through the valve orifice relieving the vacuum buildup. The vacuum valve reseals upon relief and remains sealed.

Features & Benefits

  • Full opening lid design for higher venting capacity requirements
  • Field replaceable gaskets without the need of special tools or complex procedures
  • Optional gasket materials available for “Sour Gas” or corrosive applications
  • Non-Corrosive coating option for extremely harsh environments
  • Certified flow capacities in accordance with API


Model 200 Dimensions and Parts

model 200 dimensions


Ref.Part No.Part NameMaterialQty.
23CapCast Aluminum1
322Center, 0.06 kgCast Iron1
+322ACenter, 0.03 kgCast Aluminum1
+322-W-4Center weight 0.11 kgCast Iron2
44Vacuum DiscCast Aluminum1
*44PVacuum DiscPhenolic1
5200GPressure GasketSponge Neoprene1
64GVacuum GasketBuna N1
85Hinge PinCRS Pltd.1
+11200 BGBase GasketTank Packing1
14HCP-148Hinge Pin ClipPltd.2
+151/2-13Bolt, HexPltd.30
+151/2-13Nut, HexPltd.30

*Plastic Trim Series  +Furnished upon request only GTHV-16