Combination Vent/Overfill Alarm

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Technical Data

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The Combination Vent/Overfill Alarm alerts you when your tank is near full while also allowing your tank to breathe during filling and dispensing operations. The Combination Vent/Overfill Alarm is a fully mechanical high intensity audible alarm for new and existing above ground storage tanks.

The unit is equipped with a whistle which incorporates a 2″ full port pressure/ vacuum vent. The pressure poppet setting is 34.5 mbar with a vacuum relief setting of 4.3 mbar. Vent allows tank to breathe during
filling/ dispensing operations. The unit can be set co activate at 90% fill height by adjusting the cable length to the float device. The adjustment tool is provided. The unit attaches to a 2″ N.P.T. pipe mounted on the tank.


Features and Benefits

• Fully mechanical. No wires or batteries needed.
• High intensity audible alarm which can be set co activate at 90% full.
• 2″ full port pressure/vacuum vent.
• For use on new and existing above ground storage tanks.

• Combined vent and alarm utilizes only one tank opening

• Protects against spills.
• Quick and simple to install or retrofit.
• Low maintenance.


Combination Vent/Overrfill Alarm Settings Range

  • Model numbers: Model AST-922
  • Sizes Available: 2″
  • Connections: NPT
  • Weight: 1.6 Kg