Chemical Pressure Vents

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Technical Data

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For Aqua-Ammonia and Agro-Chemical Tank Contents

Model 748ALT pressure/vacuum vent is designed for venting of Tanks containing agro-chemical and aqua-ammonia products.
The venting capacity is limited to a maximum of 550 m3/hr.
It allows tanks to “breathe” during filling and discharging operations. Pressure/Vacuum poppets seal vapors in the tank when pressure is equalized. This vent must be used in conjunction with an emergency vent and it is recommended that the opening pressure setting is set below that of the emergency vent so the normal vent relieves first.



  • Body/Hood Material: Aluminum
  • Pressure device: Lead weight
  • Spring: Stainless Steel
  • Poppet: PTFE / Aluminum
  • Seat Material: Aluminum or Stainless Steel
  • Vacuum gasket: Buna-N or Viton
  • Screen: 0,6 mm stainless steel


• 2”

Pressure Setting
• Variable from 8.6 to 137.6 mbar

Vacuum Setting
• Fixed at 4 mbar