Hotstart CGM Coolant Heating System

Marine heating systems are capable of allowing large-displacement propulsion engines to start promptly and function at full power without the need for warming up or expensive idling. HOTSTART has developed a circulating coolant preheater called the CGM heating system, which is suitable for heating marine engines, as well as diesel and gas engines for stationary land power and mining equipment.

The CGM heater is adaptable and can be obtained in a range of heater power levels, 50 and 60 Hz voltages of up to 690 V, and customized interfaces and fluid connections as necessary, enabling easy integration into existing power, control systems, and plumbing. The design of the CGM heater is focused on usability, reliability, and safety, and it incorporates three selectable power levels, connections for remote control and system status, a pressure relief valve, and two PT-100 sensors for precise temperature monitoring and control.

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Proper heating system specification is dependent on multiple factors, including heated area dimensions, fluid volumes, ambient conditions, and other considerations. Additional heating system options not listed, including heat power, may be available.

System Specifications

-Phase: Single-phase/Three-phase

-Voltage (60 Hz): 120V/208V/240V/440V/480V/575V

-Voltage (50 Hz): 230V/380V/400V(380-415V)/415V/690V

-Control Box Ingress: NEMA 4/IP66

-Motor Ingress: IP55

-Wiring: Halogen-free standard

-Min./Max. Ambient Temp: -4°F/104°F (-20/40°C)

-Certification: CE conformance, Marine Society certification available

Coolant Specifications

-Fluid Type: Water / Coolant mix (50% water/50% glycol)

-Heat Power: 72kW/81 kW/ 90 kW / 99 kW/ 108kW/ 120kW / 132 kW /144 kW

-Temp. Control: Adjustable, 32–176°F (0–80°C)

-Control Set Point: `122°F (50°C), factory set

-Temp. High-limit: 195°F(90°C)

-Pump Power: 5.5 hp (4kW)

-Flow(50 Hz): 78 gpm @ 66 ft H2O (17.7 m3/hr @ 20m H2O)

-Flow(60 Hz): 99 gpm @ 91 ft H2O (22.5 m3/hr @ 27.7 m H2O)

-Pressure Relief: 100 psi (690 kPa)

– Inlet/Outlet: 1.5″ NPT standard, ANSI or metric flanges optional

Options shown represent typical tested or certified configurations. Additional options or configurations may be available. For assistance with your heating system application, contact us at [email protected]

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