2” Male x 2” Threaded Female Brass Flame Arrester 086910

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The In-line flame arrester is a protection system with stainless steel ribbon coil – Deflagration in-line flame arrester in according with Directive 2014/34/EU and harmonized standard EN ISO 16852:2016.
During the filling of a tank, the free vent discharge vapours that may ignite due to atmospheric or accidental causes.
The tank shall be protected to prevent the propagation of flames into the container.

  • This is the purpose of our flame arrester for line deflagration .
    Inside there are two ribbon coils certified in stainless steel, which allow the dissipation of flames. Normally installed where a potentially explosive mixture might be generated to isolate flames in a circumscribed area.
  • Used for hydrocarbons or chemical pipeline.
  • Stage I vapor recovery compliant.
  • The Flame Arrester avoids propagation of fire into the piping.
  • Surface Protection System is for all ATEX zone (0, 1 and 2).
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