In the ever-evolving landscape of heavy-duty industries, like marine, offshore and oil & gas, the role of reliable monitoring and control systems cannot be overstated. Today, we want to shed light on a crucial component that plays a pivotal role in safeguarding engines, tanks, pumps, and compressors—the Sesco Murphy Level Switches.

Murphy Level Switches, or MLS, are indispensable in heavy-duty industries, serving as comprehensive systems for monitoring and controlling liquid levels, pressure, temperature, and vibration. These switches act as a tandem of a level gauge and a stop switch, ensuring that critical values are maintained within preset limits. Whether it’s lube oil, hydraulic fluid, coolants, or fuel, Murphy Level Switches provide a versatile solution.

One of the primary concerns in engine operation is the risk of insufficient lubrication, leading to severe damage. Murphy Level Switches address this concern by automatically shutting down the system when the fluid level reaches a critical point. Notably, these switches are not limited to low-level alerts; they also guard against overfills and unwanted fluid seepage, lowering the risks associated with human error or other external factors.

Popular models like the L129CK1 and LS200 come equipped with both high and low limit switches, offering comprehensive protection for your machinery.

Product Overview

At Sesco, we offer a diverse range of Murphy Level Switches designed for easy installation, minimum downtime, and float-operated precision. Our LR857 model, a customer favorite, fits engines of any size and features a built-in supply tank mechanism for automatic oil replenishment. 

We also want to spotlight the Murphy Level Switch EL150K1. The L150 Series Level Swichgage® instrument is a cutting-edge combination of a liquid level gauge and a low-limit switch. With a pivotal float, an indicating dial with a pointer, and a low-level contact, the EL150K1 ensures precise level indication and triggers a switching circuit if levels fall below the low-limit set point. 

From the same series, Sesco also supplies the EL150EX, an explosive proof version of the EL150K1  that is rated for highly hazardous locations. Contact our team if you’re not sure which of the two products is better for your situation. 

Murphy Level Switches stand as the go-to solution for ensuring the efficient and safe operation of engines in heavy-duty industries. At Sesco industries, we are proud to offer these reliable systems that contribute to the longevity and optimal performance of your machinery.

Explore our complete Murphy Level Switch collection here and discover the right solution for your specific needs.

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