Murphy level switches, commonly referred to as MLS, are extensively employed in heavy-duty industries to oversee and regulate multiple systems, including liquid level, pressure, temperature, and vibration. Serving as a blend of a level gauge and a stop switch, MLS devices can be programmed with start/stop mechanisms and alarms to promptly respond when specific values exceed or fall below predetermined limits.

These switches can be utilized for a diverse range of fluids, such as lube oil, hydraulic fluid, coolants, and even fuel. Certain MLS models, like the LM2000 and the LM300, possess the ability to replenish oil as needed, providing an added level of convenience and efficiency.

Murphy Level Switches – Safety first

Proper oil levels are crucial for maintaining the engine’s lubrication, cleanliness, and cooling functions, as insufficient oil can lead to severe engine damage. To mitigate this risk, the installation of Murphy level switches inside the tank or chamber can be beneficial. These switches are designed to automatically shut off when the fluid level reaches a critical point, ensuring the engine is protected.

While it is common to focus on low fluid levels, it’s important to note that excessive fluid levels also pose a risk. This can occur due to overfilling (resulting from human error) or the inadvertent seepage of fuel or water into the tank. To address this concern, certain models of Murphy level switches incorporate both high and low limit switches. Notable examples of these models include L129CK1, L1100, and L1200.

Product overview

We provide a diverse range of Murphy level switches that offer versatility in their applications. Our models are designed for easy installation, ensuring minimal downtime. They operate using a float mechanism and can even be supplied in an explosion-proof version for added safety.

Among our popular models, the LR857 stands out for its versatility. It can be effortlessly fitted on engines of any size, and its built-in supply tank mechanism ensures the maintenance of the correct oil level in the crankcase.

For reliable tank level monitoring, the Murphy DF level switch is an excellent choice. It finds wide application in saltwater disposal systems, cooling towers, and waterflood systems. Both the DF755 and the DF757 models can be installed without requiring any modifications to the tank and offer adjustable differentials of up to 108 inches.

For other models, please contact our sales team, we’re ready to recommend you the right level switch for your needs! 

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