Support in extreme weather conditions

Extreme cold temperatures have a significant impact on the performance of machines. The freezing of batteries, hydraulic fluid, or fuel lines can cause rapid deterioration in heavy-duty equipment, resulting in costly downtime. In order to ensure the continuous operation of your heavy-duty machinery, SESCO offers reliable engine heating systems designed to withstand even the most extreme climates.

Always ready equipment

Industries such as power generation, data storage, and other markets require machinery that operates continuously or needs to be quickly ready for use. Maintaining the engine within the optimal temperature range is crucial in these scenarios. SESCO provides a comprehensive selection of heaters specifically designed for various applications, including in-block heaters, coolant heaters, fuel heaters, and battery heaters. These heaters are suitable for industries such as marine, rail, transport, and oil, among others. To learn more about each product category, please refer to the descriptions provided below and click on the links to access detailed information on our recently updated website.

When machines are not in use, in-block engine heaters are utilized to warm the engine and/or motor coolant. This practice serves multiple purposes, including minimizing start-up time, conserving fuel, significantly reducing engine wear, and extending the battery life of your equipment.

SESCO offers in-block heaters that can be directly installed into the water jacket of the engine. These heaters are compatible with renowned heavy-duty manufacturers such as Volvo, Komatsu, and John Deere, among others.

In addition, our inventory now includes various types of natural circulation heaters, including tank heaters and large circulation CSM HOTflow® heating systems for different engine displacements (15 to 100 L). Tank heaters are commonly mounted externally on engines to ensure that diesel or gas engines are primed for startup while minimizing wear. We offer a selection of tank heaters such as the CB series, CL series, and WL series.

As the generated heat is directly transferred to the fuel or lube oil, these types of heaters are extremely energy effective. On the our website, you can now find several models, starting from 75 watt, all the way to heaters that support oil volumes up to 120 liters. These models come with a build-in thermostat to protect the oil from overheating.

Low temperatures have a detrimental effect on battery performance as the electrochemical reaction rate decreases. However, with Sesco’s battery heating pads and thermal wraps, you can ensure that your batteries remain heated and functional even during winter.

The battery heating pads are available in two sizes and provide an output ranging from 50 to 75 watts. They are equipped with a thermostat for precise temperature control, allowing you to set the optimal temperature for your vehicle’s battery. Alternatively, you can opt for SESCO’s thermal wraps, which range from 60 to 160 watts. These wraps effectively maintain the battery’s temperature between 16°C and 27°C, resulting in an extended battery lifespan. We also offer easy peel and stick silicone heating pads with output of 100 to 400 watts. 

Find out more information on how to heat your battery or engine on our website! 

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