Engine heaters

Engine heaters are devices that are used to warm up the engine of a vehicle to reduce starting time in cold weather. The primary purpose is to improve the efficiency and performance of engines in sub-optimal temperatures. Our engine heaters offer efficient and uniform heating throughout the entire engine, with reduced electrical consumption. We supply four types of engine heaters: engine coolant heaters, space & battery heaters, engine block heaters and fuel & lube oil heaters.

How does an engine heater work?

Simply put, an engine heater works by using electricity to warm up a fluid (and thus the engine) by connecting to an outside source.

The engine heater heats up the engine oil and other components, such as the radiator and water pump, which helps to make the engine easier to start and run smoothly. Cold weather makes the engine oil thicker, making it harder for the engine to run. Heating up the oil makes it more fluid and thus gives the engine an easier time starting up.

We stock 4 types of engine heaters:

In-block heaters are conveniently installed into the engine’s water jacket and are compatible with a wide range of renowned heavy-duty manufacturers, including Volvo, Komatsu, and John Deere. These heaters are highly favored among vehicle owners due to their straightforward installation process and user-friendly operation. A notable example is the Volvo engine block heater VT6-101, which operates at 120V, boasts easy installation, and eliminates the need for a heat shield.

Fuel & oil  heaters are mounted onto the oil sump and heat the oil. Once the oil is hot, the engine can start with warmed oil. By heating the oil, the oil becomes thinner, which ensures a smoother start, reduced wear and improved emissions. By spreading the oil after starting, the engine and other components reach operating temperature more quickly. These types of heaters are a more expensive option, but are also extremely efficient and can heat up the engine faster than in-block heaters. Our oil heaters can be used with oil volumes up to 120L, such as this 300-500W oil heater with built-in thermostat.

These heaters pre-heat coolant from outside the engine structure to let it circulate throughout the engine block through a water pump of convection. It is often used in stationary land, marine or construction equipment. Our heaters meet the requirements for a wide range of engine sizes and applications such as the 240V CTM10210-E00, with a thermostat range of 37-49°C  

The last category of heaters we stock are the space heaters, such as the heating pad. Normally used for batteries, these heating pads have a watt output of 120-140V and can be stuck on the outside of oil pans for optimal heat transfer. They are durable and available at 3 sizes.

Advantages of using an engine heater

The use of engine heaters can have numerous benefits, including:


  1. Improved Engine Performance: Engine heaters warm up the engine oil and other components, making it easier for the engine to start and run smoothly. This also helps reduce engine wear and increase its lifespan.

  2. Reduced Fuel Consumption: Engines that are warm are more efficient and use less fuel.

  3. Improved Emissions: Engine heaters help to reduce emissions by enabling the engine to run more efficiently and reducing the need for it to work harder to maintain its temperature.

  4. Improved Battery Life: Engine heaters can help to extend the life of a vehicle’s battery by reducing the strain on it when starting the engine in cold weather.

  5. Convenient and Easy to Use: Engine heaters are easy to install and use. Simply plug them into an electrical outlet, set the desired temperature, and the heater will do the rest.

  6. Cost-Effective: Engine heaters are an affordable solution for improving engine performance and reducing fuel consumption in cold weather.

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For other models, please contact our sales team, we’re ready to recommend you the right engine heater for your machine.

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