About Us

SESCO manufactures and supplies products for the Process, Medical and Marine/Oil & Gas Industries. Our products are found on machinery and installations around the world. We do not only offer standard products, but engineer and build according to customer specifications, whether it is a small component or a large system.

One of our activities involves the design and production of heating equipment for Industrial diesel and gas engines alongside Thermostatic valves and engine controls.
Our Vapor control equipment includes flame arresters, Level measurment, storage tank protection devices and safety products.

SESCO also supplies and services a wide range of solenoid valves from world class brands such as PeterPaul electronics which meet the highest standards for use in the medical field, instrumentation, vacuum technology and a wide range of other high tech industries.
Our customers demand fast production, first class products and services.

Our ability to meet these demands forms the basis of our organisation. Let us work with you.